Meet the Team: Jayel!

We have some amaaaaazing people here on the Dancing Tehani Entertainment team and I (Tehani) thought it would be great to introduce some of our wonderful talent to you!  I plan to introduce a 2-3 of our people on the entertainment team once a week (that seems ambitious as I've been blessed to be insanely busy this summer season, so perhaps it may be once a month for a few months instead lol). 

Most catering, corporate and entertainment gigs are simply with yours truly... but when clients require more ambience, opening acts, and fully produced shows with all the extras to the entertainment and require the full experience.... our whole ensemble comes out to play!  And when they do, my ALWAYS fabulous team members are present to dazzle and delight you with their radiance, presence and heart-centered nature.  Good people :)  I love my job and my cohort is full of talented people that almost always transform into great and fun friends!


Straight from the South of France, now blessing our company with her heart and beauty in Southern California, is one of our dancers, Jayel!  Specializing in belly dance and brilliant themed performances, she is a versatile and wonderful soul with professional experience in makeup for film and also the healing arts.  Definitely a kindred spirit I love working with!  You will see her dancing with Isis wing fans, modeling/greeting with a smile and doing stellar make up for our gigs! 

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