Music Saves Lives

Spirit Dancer Productions just teamed up with Music Saves Lives to produce an amazing TIKI-style summer extravaganza of fire dancers (yours truly), live mermaids (yup, I've got those here, too), tiki carvers, tarot readers, strolling entertainment, photo booth, the works!  I can't wait to provide all this amazing entertainment for such a great cause.  More soon (I believe I'm dancing with a band from Norway for three nights?), but wanted to share this non-profit with you all for an opportunity to save lives!  Literally.  I'm anemic and my tattoos are always too recent to donate blood, but maybe you can!  Let's all pitch in where we can.  I can't give my blood, but I can definitely offer my services at the non-profit rate and volunteer some time for the cause - always worth it <3

Check them out and we (Spirit Dancer & Music Saves Lives) will see you this summer!  xo