Art Talk: Spirit Dance, an Exploration of Comparative Sacred World Dance

Did another Art Talk this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.  I loved the poster "Spirit Art Dance Talk" in lieu of "Spirit Dance Art Talk" - it was a dyslexic dream! LOL.  The words were rearranged but it didn't matter... I was happy to present for a group that was eager to participate in the experiential portion of the presentation.  There were a few presentations I've done in the past where it was like pulling teeth trying to get people to move with me and others where several people bravely threw themselves into the work.  This particular lecture I gave had the entire audience enthusiastically experimenting with breath, movement and the cadence of entrainment we all fell into.  Beautiful.  I was still recovering from surgery but I didn't notice - it was a good time of sharing, healing and dance! 

Love love love it! <3