Coming Clean, Tehani's Sabbatical & Coming Back Super-Charged with Vision!

Greetings, friends!  Tehani here xo.  Everyone needs a break sometimes.  It's been so crazy busy here at DT Entertainment, Spirit Dancer Wellness and in my educational work in the arts that my lack of a break turned into a series of BREAKing points and BREAKdowns until I finally yelled BRAAAAKE! and took a real break.  It was time to re-evaluate the way I ran the business and how much of myself I was dedicating to self-care.  I've had a friend handle most invoices and bookings (though I still tended to a good amount of them when I had reception) and took a long camping trip with my pup.  It was the best thing ever!!! Now slowly coming back from sabbatical, focused, super-charged and full of new inspiration and vision... I wanted to share my "Coming Clean" video I recorded before leaving to hit the RESET button (below).  What a good reset this was!!!  I will be sharing all the wonderful new things here at the business once I get my thoughts together, breathe into it and organize the information for you all.  If you're not on our email list, please consider joining it on our contact page to be the first to hear about new opportunities and events!  I can't wait to share with you all the great things ahead!  Lots of love and may your day be magical, beautiful and full of serendipitous boon!  xoxo T.  BIG LOVE!