As my fellow SoCal residents cheer on the Dodgers, I've been at work spinning fire, throwing mermaids in pools and facilitating wellness programming for survivors virtually every night and weekend.  It's been so busy performing and teaching and writing new content that I wanted to give you all a glimpse of what this past month has been characterized by: lots and lots of fire!  So I've provided a short video for you below. 

Fire has been a theme not just in my entertainment work but unfortunately in destruction all over my beautiful State of California.  I can't help but think of all the animals affected by the record-breaking forest fires this month and have decided to donate 10% of every fire performance (or LED light performance) I book to Defenders of Wildlife This 10% donation will remain for as long as I do fire shows (which I anticipate being many many years to come).  Pay it forward and book with us today! 

Check out our video (below) for a fire show we did very recently.  OK kids (read: silly adults)... Never EVER play with fire without a fire safety professional, a fire license and fire performer's insurance.  It's standard practice.  Safety first, my friends!

Enjoy the clip!  It's not the best quality video and a very short clip, but I'm always happy when I'm gifted with a video at one of my numerous events.  I'm always too busy working the event to take videos every single weekend, but a new demo reel is on its way in 2020!  Until then, enjoy our current demo reel on the dance page!