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"Mission accomplished, she exceeded my expectations by light years.  [Tehani] projects great vibes - doesn't give you gimmicks to make a good impression.  What you see is what you get, which in my case, was a pure genuine person who wants to help... She made a believer out of me.  I honestly feel my words are an injustice to the reality of her work.  It can't be described, it has to be felt.  I highly recommend her.  Responding to her on this website changed my life".  ~Paul Tek, Small Business Owner

Restoration Drum & Movement workshop at the Michelle Obama Library

Restoration Drum & Movement workshop at the Michelle Obama Library

World Dance and Drum for Wellness*

Perfect for stress reduction and team building, this social emotional arts program created by world champion dancer and social emotional arts facilitator Tehani is an integrated experience of world music, movement and the science behind why the performance arts and these practical tools increase effective communication, improve focus, prevent anxiety and so much more.  To request a brochure or receive more information on this program, visit our Contact page to connect with us directly. 

*Special programming available for the veteran community (Restoration Drum & Movement), seniors (Sound & Movement Meditations from Around the World) and survivors (see Spirit Dance page on this site).  

Introduction to Deep Meditation course at the Los Angeles Trade School

Introduction to Deep Meditation course at the Los Angeles Trade School

Meditations & Wellness Programming

WHOLE HARMONICS MEDITATIONS.  Meditation tools and techniques (from rhythmic breathing to guided journeys) are a simple way to tap into the parasympathetic system in the body, reduce cortisol, release stress and promote mental clarity.  Whole Harmonics meditations for stress reduction, greater work productivity, focus, inner peace, manifestation, pain management and so much more are facilitated in-person at Whole Harmonics Events and available for booking at your business, educational institution or wellness gathering. 

REIKI & DRUM JOURNEY SOUND MEDITATIONS.  Reiki is a non-invasive, alternative holistic healing modality that activates and balances the electromagnetic field (which science has proven to exist) around the body, which is also known as the aura.  Meditation has been proven to positively affect gray matter in the brain in addition to reducing pain, anxiety and even insomnia according to many studies - including this (click here) study out of Harvard University.  Drum journeying and sound meditations have proven to induce the alpha state much more quickly than simple meditation alone. 

Designed by Tehani to empower your personal wellness practice, this weekly workshop combines Reiki, meditation and auditory input for an effective all-around soul nourishing experience to reduce cortisol, tap into the parasympathetic system in the body, increase gray matter, activate the alpha state and (of course) create regular weekly safe space and supportive community for exploring various tools and methods for inner peace, happiness and fulfillment from the inside out. 

WHOLE HARMONICS MEDITATION MP3s.  Meditations are available for purchase in MP3 form at our site's Store


Reiki Energy Healing Therapy & Sessions

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REIKI ENERGY HEALING.  As a highly empathic Top Reiki Master with shamanic training and forensic experience, Tehani facilitates her own blend of integrated holistic Reiki energy therapy (Whole Harmonics Reiki) for overall heart-centered healing, health and happiness.  As an alternative health practitioner, she understands the importance of treating the root cause of imbalance and dis-ease for TRUE healing (not simply addressing the symptoms, but the root case) through compassion, love and allowing the path of least resistance to reveal its wisdom.  Full Reiki sessions are $130.  Contact us for more information and booking. 

REIKI CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.  Reiki Energy Healing Training & Certification is facilitated both one-on-one and in small groups (never more than four people in the group to maintain the high level and quality of personal attention/assistance) and booked by appointment only.  Certification is done on levels I through III and the full training course includes history, philosophy, methodology (including hands-on training), the attunements, intuitive development, certification and continued support. Private one-on-one training for level I certification (7-hour course) begins at $350. Training in Whole Harmonics Reiki Mastership is available with successful completion of Reiki Levels One through Three. 

INTUITIVE COACHING & CHANNELING SESSIONS.  Need a little insight, inspiration and practical information that works for you?  Work one-on-one with award-winning holistic wellness coach, professional forensic intuitive and certified business coach, Tehani, to experience a deeper sense of presence, centeredness and happiness in your experience of life.  Expand your feeling of wholeness and fulfillment with these powerful sessions, techniques and tools to remember that YOU are your most powerful healer and guide.  Each session is individually catered to the strengths, focuses and goals of each client.  Connect with Tehani on the Contact Page for more information or to schedule a free consultation.  One-on-one sessions begin at $150 per hour with discounts for weekly ($120 per hour) and monthly scheduled sessions.  


Looking for Magick?

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Tehani is available for public, private and corporate events with her award-winning forensic intuitive sessions (which have been used to assist law enforcement), mediumship and channeled readings.  She is a tested, reviewed and highly sought after NO TOOLS channel who has assisted thousands of people find clarity on their paths and connect with loved ones on the other side.  She has been a Top Pro with service provider Thumbtack in the top 3% of company for several years in Los Angeles California and has been ranked in the Top Three Reiki Masters in Los Angeles.  Tehani is a sacred dancer and has dedicated her life to comparative sacred world dance - both academically and professionally.  Channeling and mediumship both complement and enhance her practice.  Please visit the Thumbtack website under Spirit Dancer Wellness for full reviews, service details and booking information or connect with us directly



Click here to explore the Spirit Dance Method for Wellness, Empowerment & Holistic Healing

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