The Spirit Dance Method TM

The Spirit Dance Method (TM) created by Jennifer Tehani Sarreal is the results-based integrated comparative sacred world dance program inspired by research in over a dozen countries of sacred world dance with master practitioners at their sources of origin - extracted and ethically honored by the creator with a focus on the researched CROSS-CULTURAL LINKS between movement, tradition and state of being.  This unique method is currently being documented for an undisclosed publishing company who has shown interest in this groundbreaking work. 

This accessible method, though rooted in sacred dance, is non-denominational and a true holistic approach to wellness as it emphasizes the physical body as a vehicle (not a barrier) to finding harmony in our internal worlds of the mind, spirit and emotions.  The Spirit Dance Method of grounding connection, emotional catharsis, healing trance and the centered harmony of walking the "sacred spiral" through movement, is structured within the overlapping spiritual-cultural frameworks these practices are sourced from.  The method has been created with secular sub-programs (focused on the results-based techniques themselves) specifically designed for wellness seekers, survivors of trauma and seniors based on the full Spirit Dance Method. 

The method is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of these culturally-specific shamanic and sacred dance traditions around the world.  The modifications of each user-friendly movement has been conscientiously respectful of each of the teachers, methods and traditions Ms. Sarreal had the honor of immersing herself in - at the sources of origin - around the globe.

The difference between appropriating a culture... a people... a tradition and honoring it is always the education. The Spirit Dance Method has always honored the sacred in each of these techniques and has meticulously conscientiously worked to keep it that way. I venture to say the Method is one of the few if not the only integrated comparative sacred world dance methods with such a strict adhesion to the comprehension of the framework required before movement is allowed. I was once told that when a shaman dies, it is akin to a library burning down - it is through this work that I respectfully share and preserve some of the most healing and transformative practices these sacred dancers and shamanic practitioners of movement meditations and ritual have shared with me. Dance has literally saved my life and it is my life’s greatest joy, honor and passion to share this blissful and heart-opening practice I have created with others.
— Jennifer Tehani Sarreal

"Tehani is so very passionate about her work and carefully tailors my sessions to my specific needs.  She is extremely professional and her warmth immediately placed me at ease even while she was assessing my needs via telephone.  As a teacher, she is well-rounded in her experience and draws from a multicultural perspective that fully enriches the process which is exactly what I was seeking.  Tehani's insight is phenomenal and her compassion toward me as a student allows me to feel empowered about the journey that I'm on.”  ~Dania Scott, Spirit Dance Participant & Social Worker

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Spirit Dance Soul Spa

Join our powerful circle of heart-centered souls in welcoming the autumn season for a weekend of healing, rejuvenation and transformation.  This annual retreat is designed to teach you the practical tools and benefits of working with the Spirit Dance Method TM while supporting your holistic empowerment with a nourishing spa for the soul.  This powerful weekend offers fresh raw organic eats, daily energy healing therapy, group meditations, sound healing and the Spirit Dance Method TM workshop.  Connect with us directly for this year's itinerary. 

This year's Soul Spa Retreat is scheduled for November 4th & 5th (with the option of arriving the evening of the 3rd) at the beautifully scenic and peaceful Joshua Tree.  Contact us directly for registration, exact location and full itinerary.  The FULL all-inclusive weekend of accommodations and activities is $370.  $425 for Spirit Dance Level One Practitioner Certification (which includes an additional 3hrs one-on-one for training).  Space is limited.  Don't miss this amazing opportunity to nourish your soul, deepen your connection to your Self and connect with amazing beautiful souls in the picturesque and inspiring Joshua Tree Desert. 

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Spirit Dance & Drum Workshops

The Spirit Dance & Drum Workshop FOR EVERYONE is an integrated blend of the Spirit Dance Method TM created by Jennifer Tehani Sarreal and drum circle facilitation for a social emotional arts experience that empowers, inspires and heals.  The Spirit Dance & Drum Workshop is a multicultural exploration of global ethics, movement and sound meditations for wellness available and accessible to all (no dance or drum experience is required) with additional special programming available for special adults, seniors and survivors.  

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The Spirit Dance Method for Seekers

The Spirit Dance Method FOR SEEKERS is available in the form of topic-based workshops and for study in four month cycles following the four categories of the Spirit Dance Method within the four levels of its practice.  Popular with spiritual and wellness centers, this method is an innovative and revolutionary way of reconnecting with the fullness, wholeness and radiance of BEing in our living breathing bodies.  Sign up for our newsletter on the contact page of this site or check the news page for upcoming workshops and seminars.  Workshops have been held the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, the Gateway in West Los Angeles and retreat/wellness centers all over Southern California.


Spirit Dance Facilitation Training & Certification

Annual 4-day training retreats begin the Summer 2018.  Participation in four levels of the Spirit Dance Method workshops are required prior to facilitator registration.  Connect with us directly for more information or sign up for our Wellness newsletter (separate from our main newsletter) to receive retreat* updates as they are posted. 

*For Reiki Certification training and Soul Spa retreats, please visit our wellness page and sign up for our newsletter. 


To book an Art Talk or presentation on the Spirit Dance Method or Sacred World Dance, contact us directly with information about your organization and we will respond within two business days.  All current presentations and workshops that are open to the public are posted on our News page and social media accounts.  Thank you for your interest in this work.  


The Spirit Dance Method is constantly growing with continuing research and project sites.  The formulated method will remain the same but the myriad of applications are being expanded.  These programs are offered at a discounted rate for survivors groups, non-profits and seniors...including an upcoming ASL presentation for the deaf community that is currently in progress.  Your donation to this meaningful work truly helps us continue to share these results/research-based life enhancing holistic movement practices for healing and empowerment with others every single day.  Thank you for your support.