Spirit Dancer Productions

Jennifer Tehani Sarreal has been producing fully-insured, high caliber professional performance arts events since 2002. Whether fully-funded independent productions or collaborations as producer with corporations, arts organizations and private parties, Sarreal delivers stellar, memorable, innovative productions that always bring the “wow.” Below are some of our favorite and most meaningful productions.


"The wonder of Tehani's performances is that they are so multi-faceted and, often, deeply moving.  There is a depth, resonance, and rich complexity to her work.  Between a few dances during a performance she can move from stirring sensuality to transporting spirituality and, at times, there is a graceful fusion of the two.  She always stays true to herself and her roots and, while she obviously has a seriousness of purpose, there is an undeniable whimsicality and joy that underlines her performances.  Every time she gets out and lights up a room with her dance, she, like all terrific artists, helps illuminate the unlimited possibilities of beauty and freedom.”  ~Ken Capobianco, Freelance Writer for the Boston Globe

Miguel Covarrubias

Miguel Covarrubias is one of many collaborative performances Tehani has created with Gregorio Luke - Covarrubias being a personal favorite. Drawing on historical texts from Miguel Covarrubias himself, the dancers and musicians of our collaborative team under Gregorio Luke bring to life a colorful painting of the artist known as Miguel Covarrubias. Performed at the CECUT in Tijuana and at the Covarrubias Theater at the University of UNAM in Mexico City, these dancing images choreographed by Tehani and prolific oration by the incomparable Gregorio Luke bridge the worlds of past, present and imagination that is the future of art in our world…

Tehani’s section begins at 3min and 15sec into the video above.

Artists for Action

Artists for Action (AfA) is a Spirit Dancer Production and gathering of professional artivists (artist-activists) who all have a professional and/or personal connection with their subject matter - whether social, environmental, political or spiritual. It is a place of sharing experiences, ideas and hope through art. This showcase and community forum, which began in Long Beach, CA (the most culturally diverse city in the nation for twenty years, according to the United States Census - twice), has featured performance casts as diverse as their subject matter. From 2007 to present, Tehani has produced these concerts and community forums all over Los Angeles and Orange County, featuring: Joyce Okazaki with stories of her family in Manzanar accompanied by photos taken by famed photographer Ansel Adams documenting the concentration camps, Patricia “Poetic” Poston baring her soul in spoken word about the prison industrial complex and identity politics in the streets, Collaborative One combines theater and spoken word to illustrate the mosaic that is the American experience for many in Los Angeles, Mannon Banta shares her film school with HollywoodHEART and her transformative work with our young people, Stevi Meredith performs a scene from For Colored Girls as we discuss how we can combat domestic violence at a community level… and many many more powerful artists doing great work through their undeniable passion.



Tehani presents “Vaude-Nouveau!” at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach, CA: her whiskey-induced entertainment brain child she is oddly proud of (the part where she drank up something viably lucrative while in an inebriated state, which is rare). A highly interactive and modern take on vaudeville, each week showcases a world champion dancer (like Tehani herself), world record holder (like our darling friend Juggler David Cousin) and international performers - promising an evening full of live music, comedy, sharp objects (from daggers to swords to guitar strings), booze and some pretty impressively epic stunts! We never repeat a performer line up or performance act - everrrr! - and each performance is completely live, interactive (hecklers, beware! Yes, this is a dare…) and unique. We miss this event dearly! So much so that we are resurrecting this soiree of beatboxing flautists, contortionists, dueling pianists, comedians, mermaid women and lots and lots of fire (as per our usual) in 2020! Check your inboxes (if you are on our mailing list) and our News page for upcoming dates and new locations (the famous Don the Beachcomber venue has sadly been closed).